Have Thesis-Induced Problems Found You, Too?

Have Thesis-Induced Problems Found You, Too?

Grad year… something we all look forward to when we get into college and university. Undoubtedly, it seems so glorious assuming how our seniors are so easy going, so chill with their lives. Isn’t that ironic how we plan everything in our mind at the beginning of our grad year and ‘try’ to follow what we plan? It all gets to the trash can once we go through the semester. It’s definitely not easy. Even if you are a student who used to ace multitasking, you will find it troublesome too. Even if you are someone who parented their friends in terms of assignments and homework, you’ll find it bothersome as well and you might even look for assignment service UK to get over it. In your biology lab when you planned to take selfies with cool specimens, you have to take ‘cellfies’ instead. That’s how college and university work.

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Thesis writing – Grad year’s curse!

How many of you used to desire being a senior when you were freshmen? Don’t tell you didn’t, because everyone fancies being a senior. That’s when a freshman’s naïveté and a sophomore’s guilelessness show its peak! It’s never wrong to say that this simplicity breaks a lot of hearts and drains a lot of hopes. That’s when you get to know about thesis writing.

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Thesis is something that flushes liveliness out of a student. Interesting things stop being interesting, your favorite TV shows and YouTube channels become a waste of time, you stop caring about good food and all you desire is a good night’s sleep; that’s exactly what a thesis does to a student. Thesis writing surely requires more than one can give. It doesn’t matter what you are majoring in, you’re going to get drained anyway. You might find yourself serene before a chemistry thesis, but after writing the thesis you surely are diene.

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Too much work, too little time…

As if thesis alone was not enough.
Dissertations supervisors keep telling you what to do, what not to do. It sets you in a trial and error situation where you just want to finish it as soon as possible. Working, then editing, then working, then editing, it just goes on. You may even wonder, “Wish I had telepathic powers so I could read my supervisors mind and get done with it once and for all!”
But we are not talking fiction here. It’s the real life. You have so much research to do, a lot of papers to read, a dozen books and journals to use for references, yet you feel dead already. And when that happens, you find yourself heavily procrastinating.

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You do know that the demands to write a perfect thesis are never ending. You have to keep everything balanced in order to compose a perfect thesis. But seriously, how can you do that? When you are surrounded by a storm of problems and you are supposed to pretend that everything is fine, that’s unfair. Meeting the word count is one of the most worrying parts of writing a thesis.

Besides the whole thesis, even your thesis statement itself gives you nightmares! On the other hand, professors demand a concise, perfectly written thesis statement otherwise your thesis ‘allegedly’ won’t be strong. And that’s not all. For writing a good thesis you have to have a good imagination which is not everyone’s cup of tea. Assuming different scenarios, testing things based on those scenarios and then developing a strong argument for your hypotheses, isn’t it a little too much? We hear all our school life, “It’s just about a few days, when you get into college you’re going to have fun!” But the misery doesn’t end in college. And all our college life, we are told, “It’s all about these 4 years, your life will be easy then.” And then comes university. That’s it. Enough of the lies we have been told all our lives!

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But the horrors of thesis don’t end there. The regular reminders of deadline are another aspect of thesis that just won’t go away. As the submission date approaches nearer and nearer every day, one literally feels sick to their stomach. However it is something to talk about. Thesis is not the only thing one has to do in university, there are a bunch of other things too. But no, no one is allowed to complain about it because at the end it’s all about the degree.

Meeting the deadlines is one of those tasks that ruin your routine absolutely. In fact not just routine, but you social life, your ability to interact with others, your ability to feel contented and stay happy. You start feeling homesick and disengage from everything!

Why continue being a victim?

Whatever you go through because of your thesis, is it worth it? Well, absolutely not. You have finals to take at the end of the semester and for that you must prepare yourself. What should you do instead? Just let it be?
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